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1 More Road
5th Sunday Quartet
Diane Altes
Aiya Attaway Kelley
The Ambassadors
The Armstrrong Family
Back Porch Gospel
Barri Bates Coss
Sheryl Beeler
Brian Bennett
Ginger Boles
Tom Borror
The Bourlands
Gigi & Randy Burgess
The Carpitchers
Haskell Cooley Family
The Crusaders
Bobby Dannatt
Bobby Duke
Forgiven Quartet
Four in the Furnace
Four the Cross Quartet
Gaskill Family Bluegrass
Good News Quartet
Gospel Music Today
Darrell Graef
Hand Made Heart Felt
Harbor of Grace Quartet
Rick Hawkins - Brenda Robbins
His Call
Judy Jackson
Just Us
Laymens Quartet
Masters Touch
Randy Mullino
New Revival Quartet
Linda Parks
Paige Norman Perry
Revelations Singers
Carol Jean Ross
Sacred Call
Singing Bones
Stable Rock Gospel Quartet
Steve Sam
The Texans
Curtis Thomas - Waymond Blanton
Anita Walker
The Williamsons  

1 More Road

Powering off in their unplugged, all-original sound, 1 More Rd.
inspires crowds across the country with songs that have been
carefully arranged to create a unique blend of instrumentation
and vocals with an appeal for the masses.  The upbeat
all-acoustic music is further fueled by lead and harmony
vocals moving among band members.

Audiences will find the humor and enthusiasm on stage 
contagious as the personalities of the band members shine
through spontaneous jokes and stories. Intertwining fun with
music that contains an encouraging message of hope, 1 More
Rd. is sure to bring a powerful and moving concert experience
not soon to be forgotten.    contact@1MoreRd.con 
PO box 1242 Guthrie, Ok 73044    405 474 3021

5th Sunday Qt.

5th Sunday Quartet was formed in 1991 when the Church Pianist
suggested that the 4 people sing at the 5th Sunday singing that 
our Church has on every 5 Sunday each year.  The group was well
received by the Church and soon was being invited to sing at 
other churches and functions throughout the area.  They started
traveling and soon were singing in surrounding states at Churches 
and Events.  As the old saying goes, "The Rest is History".
The Quartet sang for several years on the Laymens Ministries
radio Show unstil family illness prevented the group from  doing

Jim Weston          405 932 5032
404  S.  Walnut  St.    Paden, Ok  74860

Kelly Aiya Attaway

Aiya Attaway Kelly is well known throughout the central Oklahoma area for her
creative leadership, teaching and extraordinary musicianship.

Being the musically talented child of not one, but two church ministers, Aiya stepped 
into her church leadership roles at the tender age of eight when she became the
church pianist.   By the time Aiya entered high school she was sought after as a
Vocalist and pianist for regional and national church conferences.  As a teenager,
Aiya developed a thriving piano studio while also working as a Youth/Choral Director
at the Bible Missionary Church in Texas.  Piano students under her tutelage had 
great success at regional and national competitions.  Some of her youth students 
went on to serve in the ministry.

Aiya's versatility is demonstrated by her directing experience in a number of different
denominations including Nazarene,  Lutheran, Presbyterian, and United Methodist
churches.  Aiya tells the story of how she was quickly exposed to and asked to 
perform in the tradition of the Catholic Mass when a good friend called upon her to
play for his grandfather's funeral.  The funeral was on a holiday weekend and the 
family asked her to perform music for the entire service with only twenty-four hours
to prepare.  Aiya gladly did this and says it was an experience she will not forget!

Aiya received a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance from the University
of Central Oklahoma.  He minor area of study was Asian Studies with a emphasis
in Japanese as she is fluent in the Japanese language.  She obtained her Master's
degree in jazz studies as a music producer and jazz pianist at the University of
Central Oklahoma also.  She currently pursuing a Ph. D. in Educational Leadership

Aiya is also a professor at Langston University and has taught all grades from 
preschool to high school leading her high school vocalists to regional and national
titles.  She attributes her talent and perseverance in life to her parents, her greatest
supporters, who have always been there for her, and God though Whom all things
are possible.

9700  Bear Creek Road       Guthrie, Ok 73044
405 620 7808

The Ambassadors

The AMBASSADORS, an evangelistic Gospel Sing Group from the Tulsa
area.  they have traveled extensively throughout the south central 
states ministering in various church services, revivals, campmeetings,
youth rallies, gospel singings and concerts.  In every service, The 
AMBASSADORS spread the Gospel through a Spirit-Directed selection of
gospel songs, Commentary and testimony.
The Smooth sound of the AMBASSADORS, combined with a sincere love
for gospel music and its message, is deeply appreciated by all who hear
them sing.  Standing on the word of God, this group of soul-stirring, 
dedicated men will share the "good news" ..all for the glory of God.

P O BOX  222        Mounds, Ok  74047          918 827 6566

Armstrong Family Singers

In April of 1997 our sing family was unveiled.  The Armstrong Family Singers,
we a Dynamic group of women who are following a vision given to our 
Grandmother,  Mother and now the Lord has instilled in our hearts.  Singing 
Traditional/Southern Gospel with our own unique style gives us the opportunity
to reach saints and sinners of every nationality with the message of Christ.  
Yes!  We believe in the supernatural power of the Holy Ghost moving in each
service.  We are not your entertainment group;  we want to experience the
presence of God in every church service,   It is a ministry.

Currently,  you can find us Proverbs 31 women doing more than just singing.
We are a sister team who loves working for God.  Our Mother went home to
be with Jesus August 19,2011 and now we have taken up the torch to carry
on.  Working in our local Church Preaching, Teaching, Praise Team, Choir, and
Missions are a part of our ministry.

We have over the years won many awards for Singing and Song Writing.  We
won GMAA Group of the Year award in 2011, Trio of the year in 2013:  we also
won NAACP award in 2007. We have won 1 song of the year and 2 songwriters
awards of the year.  We enjoy working for the Lord and we continue to walk
in faith.  You can look us up on our website, plus check out our music.

PO Box 460322  Garland Tex. 75046          972 864 0782

Back Porch Gospel

We are a small Gospel music group from Yale, OK that has been singing
together going on six years now.  There's me, Randy Harat, Baritone
vocals/mandolin, wy wife Linda soprano vocals, her brother Larry Brown,
bass vocals/guitar, and his wife Carol, lead vocals.  We've all been singing
in our family for 37 years, but started our Gospel group little over 6 years
ago.  We sing in the style of the Chuck Wagon Gang and do many of their 
songs.  We curently do our singing ministry in several churches here in 
Oklahoma , and Kansas, we want to expand to more churches and Gospel
events to share our love for Christ and worship him with good ol' gospel
favorites as well as some original pieces.

1511 S Underwood,  Yale Ok  74085    Randy 918 387 4232
                                                        Larry   918 306 1556       

Barri Bates

Barri began singing when she was 10 years old. She Grew up in Church
but, did not always sing for the right God.  She found the Lord in 1992
and began singing in Church.  Gave her life to the Lord along with the
talent he had blessed her with.  Barri has sang with a couple of groups
over the years but ultimately found that due to life circumstances, it was
better for her to stay a soloist.  She loves to collaborate with other 
talents for special music.  She sang on the Local TBN broadcast several \
years ago.  Had her own TV Show in the 90's "Called Salvation Stories"
It was filmed but never aired do to her husband being terminally ill and
she gave it up to take care of him.  She has sung throughout Oklahoma
at Churches, Art Festivals, and Fairs.  She is a member of the CMSA 
(The Country Music Singers Assoc.)  Sings quite often on their programs
and hopes to be able to go to National Competition this year.

3409  S  W  51st  St. Oklahoma City, Ok  73119          405 314 9095

Sheryl Beeler

After singing for almost 15 years with southern gospel groups, The Lord and

I have begun a journey into my own solo singing ministry.  Southern Gospel

Music is what I grew up with and what is in my soul.  I also enjoy listening to

and singing praise and worship, some progressive southern gospel, and even

a little contemporary Christian.  The longer I sing , I find that musical

diversity keeps the program flowing and seems to attribute to the the hearts

of each listener.

Coming from a musical family, as a child, I knew I wanted to sing, even 

standing in front on the mirror singing into my hair brush.  But it was years 

later before that dream became a reality.  At the age of 40, I accepted the 

Lord as my personal Savior and began a relationship with him,  allowing Him

to guide me and use me.  That is when the doors began opening. 

Another thing I am involved in, which I truly enjoy, is Co-Hosting a southern

gospel event in Stillwater, Ok,  Gospel With A Purpose.  We have been hosting

this event for 7 years and it has been a blessing to many as well as to
ourselves.  We bring in talented southern gospel groups/soloists from the 
region as well as support a Non-Profit at each event.  This Currently a 
Quarterly event.  The schedule and information for Gospel With A Purpose can

I am honored, privileged and beyond blessed to have the opportunities to use
the gifts God has given me to minister and bless others.  I give Him the glory 
for all He calls me to do.

1901  Eastern Ave.  Stillwater, Ok  74074            405 762 1124              

Brian Bennett

Whether it’ serving as a worship leader at his local church in
his teen years, traveling with a singing group while in college, or 
singing at community events,  Brian Bennett has always endeavored
to use his God-given gift of music to honor the glorify his Lord and 
Savior Jesus Christ.  Today, Brian's passion to share the life-changing
message of the Gospel through music is stronger than ever.  As Brian
would say, "It is my desire to sing songs that will not only encourage 
and uplift my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, but also to 
challenge them to constantly strive for more and to be wary of 
becoming complacent in the relationship the have with our
indescribable Savior"

10628  N  W  33rd  St.  Yukon, Ok 73099           405 445 4405

Ginger Boles

Ginger and her husband Al have been very active in Gospel Music for 
many years.  Involved in both personnel appearances as well as TV
programs.  Al until is going home to be with the Lord had a "Journey
with the King Ministries" program at 6:30pm the first Friday of each
month and Ginger still produces and hosts a two hour Gospel Music
Show from 9:00 to 11:00pm the first Friday of each month on 
Universal Affiliated Networks"  CH 47.2 in Dallas Tx. 
( The TV program reaches about 26 million People.
Ginger is a Life Time Member of "United States Assoc. of Gospel Singers
and Musisians" in Nashville, Tenn, and "Country Gospel Music Assoc." 
She is very active with the "Country Music Singers Assoc." here in OKC.

5001  N  W  18th  Terr. Oklahoma City, Ok 73127     405 946 9577

Tom Borror

Much can be said about Evangelist Tom Borror of Highway to Heaven Ministries. Tom is an easy going, laid back kind of a guy, whose preaching and twinge of country, rhythm & blues Gospel music has captured the attention of America’s Heartland. Tom is a former truck driver of 16 years, who knows what life in the “hammer lane” (fast lane) is like. Tom became hooked on drugs and alcohol, as many truck drivers do. On May 1st 1977, Tom met the Lord Jesus Christ and accepted Him as his Lord and Savior. Immediately, God set him free from alcohol, drugs, and five packs of cigarettes a day. As a truck driver Tom traveled from Maine to California and from Miami to Seattle. Now it is his desire to travel back across the country preaching the “Good News of the Gospel” that Jesus still saves, heals and delivers, and that there’s still power in the Word of God. The singing ministry that the Lord has given to Tom is truly anointed, for it is the anointing that breaks the yoke.

Tom has had Gospel music programs on television that aired in Biloxi, Mississippi and Dyersburg, Tennessee. Tom has also appeared on TBN and on the national radio program known as Laymen Inc. and numerous live appearances in theaters and concert halls across the United States. 

343065    E.   800  Rd.    Tryon,  Ok  74875      918 375 2446

Randy & Gigi Burgess

Prior to the year 2007 Randy & Gigi frequently crossed paths at many Gospel 
Singings and other events.  They decided to team up as a duet in February 
2007 with faith that it would open new doors and add to their already strong
solo ministries.  God has blessed thier efforts with many opportunities to 
present the Gospel in song by opening doors for bookings and concerts in
churches, community events and opry theaters across Texas, Arkansas,
Oklahoma and Missouri.  They aim to provide uplifting and ministering Gospel
music to anyone who is interested in allowing them the opportunity.  Randy
and Gigi were married April 26, 2008.  They currently live in Princeton, Texas
with their two dogs, Rusty and Dakota.  Randy owns and operates his 
Architectural Design Company while Gigi owns and operates a small Graphic 
Design and Photo Restoration busines both from their home.

5544  C R  437   Princeton, Tx  75407      Cell  469 450 5219     

The Carpitchers

Andrea' love for gospel music began at a young age.  Her early days were
spent traveling with her family as her father ministered to his Native people.
Over the years she has won many vocal competitions. First place wins include
The Annual Seminole Gospel Singing and Crabbfest.  At the 2010 National 
Quartet Convention in Louisville, Kentucky, Andrea competed and placed 1st
out of 52 contestants in the annual talent competition.  She was honored to
be allowed to sing on the main stage later that week.
In late 2006 Andrea and her Fiance Rick Carpitcher formed a group known as
Native Witness, and the two were wed in 2007.  Rick is not new to gospel
music, having toured professionally with the Toney Brothers Quartet as 
pianist for many years.  Later Rick and Andrea would perform together simply
as the Carpitchers.  Rick & Andi (as her friends know her) share a unique
heritage in that they are both Native American.  They make their home in
Tahlequah, Oklahoma and have three children.

P O Box  1845  Tahlequah, Ok  74465          918 453 3448

Haskell Cooley Family

The Cooleys ( Haskell and JoLee) present a gospel music program called 
"A Time For Refreshing"  They present gospel music vocally and instrumentally.
This family's style of music is easy-listening and is designed to be enjoyed by
young and old.
Haskell traveled for many years as pianist for both the Weatherfords and the
Cathedrals.  Several albums on which Haskell is the pianist have been nominated
for Grammy Awards by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences. 
The Gospel Music Association and Singing News Fan Awards have honored him
by nominating him as Best Gospel Musician.  JoLee's bass guitar playing is the
perfect complement to their singing and Haskell"s piano playing.
Most of the songs they sing are written by themselves and regularly make the 
radio stations play list across the nation.  Some of their well know songs are
"I'll Sail Away Home", "Gonna Shout All Over Heaven",  and "Singing Easy".
The Cooley's full time ministry takes them throughout the United States and 
portions of Canada.

P O Box  17132   Wichita, Kansas  67217          316 945 9410

Bobby Dannatt

I started singing in the sixth grade in Choral groups.  At the age
of 25 I felt God calling me into the ministry and began learning
how to learn congregational music.  My college was at Arlington
Bible College where I earned an associate's degree in music.

Since then I have served for over 45 years as an associate pastor.
My longest tenure was 30 years at Mustang Heights Baptist Church.
Coupled with this I have had the privilege of doing ministries of 
both music and pulpit supply, singing at preaching at nursing 
homes and rescue missions.  Also singing and preaching on the
Laymens Radio Program that is broadcast on local radio and 
goes world wide on the Web.

I began writing gospel music 41 years ago and have written a
number of gospel songs.  I enjoy sharing my poetry and music with
others.  It is my desire to sing and write as long as the Lord gives
me the health and mind to do so.

10337  Leicester  Dr.      Yukon, Ok.  73099      405 365 3165

Bobby Duke

Growing up as the youngest of 10 kids,  Bob was in a family that made
Christian music their staple of inspiration and wholesome entertainment.
Bob performed daily to hundreds of visitors at the "Precious Moments"
attraction in Missouri as part of the "Albert E. Brumley, Jr Trio.  Now
sharing  his music as a soloist, he blends up tempo gospel numbers with
time honored hymns, and adds a taste of sentimental songs in churches
and community events to lift listeners spirits and honor God.  Bob has
three albums,  "Gospel Melodies", "Our Family Favorites" and his newest
"Singing Easy"..... Songs of faith and home.

1423  E.  Cedar Dr.   Stillwater, Ok 74075       405 377 2777

Forgiven Quartet 

The Southern Gospel Quartet "Forgiven" has been  speading the good news
of Jesus Christ  through songs and testimonies since July 1981.  They have 
performed all across middle America with an emphasis on the smooth
harmonies exemplifying southern gospel music.  The group has appeared
in concert with many of the top names in gospel music including The Mark
Trammell Trio,  Legacy Five, The Cathedrals, JD Sumner and the Stamps,
The Florida Boys, The Nelons, The Lesters, The Brashears, The Telestials,
Albert E. Brumley Jr. and Sherman Andrus.

I 2002, Forgiven was asked to be a part of the South Texas Music Festival
in Harlingen, TX as the feature southern gospel quartet for the event. Later
that year they were selected as Grand Champions in the group competition
as Branson Gospel Music Association's  "Showdown 2002" Talelnt Contest in 
Branson Missouri.  Forgiven is a highly requested and respected southern
gospel quartet presenting more than 130 concerts per year on average 
typically in a nine-state area including Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa,
Illinois, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas and Tennessee.  

4848 Melody Lane    Bartlesville, Ok  74006          918 766 0614  

Four in the Furnace

Or trio was formed and first met on July 6, 2014.  We have since sang
special music 4 times at our church, First Baptist Church, Moore, Ok.
We are all members of the Church Choir,  The ladies also participate in
handbells, and John is a member of "One Accord". a mixed ensemble.

Our members are:    Cindy Conner - soprano
                               Cathy Burt - alto
                               John Barry  - tenor
                               Donna Dodd - Pianist

We plan to be able to utilize accompaniment CD's or piano depending
on the circumstances at the peformance venue.  Our previous songs
are "There is a Way", Tell The Mountain", and "Something's Happening".
We will be adding to this with "The Promise", Four Days Late", and"The
Great I Am Still Is".
An explanation of our name - - - -It refers to Daniel 3:24,25 in which 
Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego were thrown into the furnace for 
refusing to worship King Nebuchadnezzar.  When the King looked into 
the, he saw four men, "the fourth looks like son of the gods."  Many
Bible scholars believe this is the first manifestation of Jesus Christ on
this earth.  It is our desire that we should not do what we are doing 
without direction and guidance from the fourth person. 

2316  S  W  93rd   Oklahoma City , Ok  73159         405 301 1883 

Four The Cross

In April, 2011,  Larry DeTienne (formerly with"The New Wine Quartet",
"The DeTienne Family Trio", "The Huffman Family Band" and "The Calvary
Echoes") joined with Mark Hall (a graduate of the worship collage in 
Wichita, former music pastor in a Southern Baptist Church and formerly
with "The Calvary Echoes") and their friend Richard Meier came together
to begin to develop a new Quartet.  It wasn't until October 2011, we were
fortunate enough to have Vernon Smith join us.  Wernon is a wonderful 
addition to the group, and is an excellent soloist that has been singing
many years in a variety of venues throughout the state of Kansas. 
Shortly after that , Pete Peterson joined us as our Sound Engineer, and
has been a great asset doing our sound, and also singing a song or two
with us.

We sing a variety of music styles like the Gaither Vocal Band,  Gold City,
Signature Sound, The Cathedrals and more.  We have sung all over 
Kansas, Nebraska and even visited Colorado last year, and now as a 
Member of the OUGMA we are Singing in OKlahoma.

11503  W  14th  Circle       Wichita, Ks 67212           316 993 4770               

Gaskill Family Bluegrass

The group originally was a full family group.  Mom, Dad, Baby sister
and the four brothers.  The group now is the four very talented 
brothers James on the Mandolin, Peter on the Banjo, Timothy on
Guitar and Joshua on the Upright Bass.  They are joined on occasion
by their father Bob on the Violin mom Brenda on Rhythm Guitar and
younger sister Andrea as a Vocalist.  Head quartered in Edmond, Ok
area they travel Full time from Coast to Coast.

P O BOX  932   Edmond, Ok 73083   405 341 7109 Cell 405 227 6918


From the southern Oklahoma town of Ada comes an exciting family
band,  The Gastineaus.  With over a decade of minisitry and main
stage performances, they continue to stay true to their calling. Their
refreshing sound produced by tight family harmony, original song-
writing, and live instrumentation is easy listening and sets this 
family apart in today's genre of southern gospel music.   The 
Gastineaus blend diverse musical influences to create a progressive
southern, contemporary country sound with bluesy undertones. Their
newest cd " Lately", raeleased to radio Wounded Warrior, a power-
full ballad that is touching many hearts and most recently, Settle My
Soul which received the GMAA 2016 Song of the Year Award.  This
family's dedication to the ministry, attention to professionalism and 
individual musical excellence has solidified the Gastineaus as one of
Oklahoma's most compelling bands in Christian music today.

H C 64  Box 184  Ada, Ok 74820    Gaye Gastineau   580 272 8275                  

Goodin Family

The Goodin Family from Tishomingo, Ok. is a southern gospel singing
family group that has been singing anywhere God opens the door for
the past 12 years.
God has given"us" (Robert and Karen) 3 very talented children for 
this ministry.  Isaac is 29 years old, plays the Bass, and writes some 
of the Songs we sing.  Leah is 25 years old plays the Keyboard, and 
will bless your heart with her singing.  Brandy is 29 years old plays 
the Drums, and is also a very talented song writer.(Brandy isn't really our
daughter, she is our daughter in law, but don't tell anyone)  We pray that you will
be blessed by the  uplifting songs and testimonies God has given our
When we come ,  we come with an expectancy that God will touch
someones heart and change a life.
When we leave, hopefully you will have heard something in our songs,
or testimonies that will help you go another step in your christian
walk, and you won't feel like you have been to a concert, but feel like
you have been to church.

708  W  8th   Tishomingo, Ok.    73460                580 371 7465          

Good News Quartet 

The Good News Quartet met in the Choir as Southern Hills Baptist
Church in Oklahoma City.  They sing in churches, assisted living
centers, hospitals, and for special events.  The group is influenced
by the gospel songs from years past, and they have made these 
old beloved hymns their ministry. 
Lee Spencer, Lead Singer, is a real estate manager and was 
instrumental in starting the quartet. He has been singing Barber-
shop for over 40 years in the Oklahoma City Area.
Brian Lepley, Tenor, is a Physician, a Deacon and Gideon in the
Oklahoma City area.
Robert Stone, Baritone, is the Vice-president of sales and 
marketing for a metal building company in Houston, Tx.
Ron Stone, Bass, is the regional sales manager for a local trucking
Company and resides in Norman, Ok.

4300  Watkins Road        Norman, Ok  73072       405 321 5539

Gospel Music Today 

"Gospel Music Today" is a TV program / webcast produced by Ken and 
Jean Grady. The Gospel Music Today program began as a cable TV show in Rhode
Island to help promote a Southern Gospel concert series at our church.
We live in Jean's home state now, and Gospel Music Today continues
as a Webcast, now available to the whole world.  Gospel Music Today 
covers Southern Gospel News, concert updates, featured artists, new
music, and guests. Watch Gospel Music Today anytime on your 
computer at .  Also you can watch it on
Channel kwhbtv47 sunday at 4:30pm in Tulsa, Ok  or Cox channel 7 
Dish network channel 47 or a large number of Cable Systems and TV
Channel Affiliates.

P O BOX  834   Collinsville, Ok 74021               918 371 1194

HandMade Heart Felt

Kenneth and Verna Newby started singing together when they got married in 2010.  They both have a love for music, and have been singing most of their lives.  Kenneth sang country and western and Verna sang at home, at school functions and in Church. Realizing their voices harmonized together, they decided to sing Southern Gospel. They are the happiest when blessing and sharing Jesus Christ with others in song and testimony.  While traveling they have many opportunities to sing at Churches, Retirement Villages and RV Resorts.  They are currently taking their music wherever God opens a door for them.

His Call 

His Call is a ministry made up of four families.  Although only four stand 
on stage and sing, the Lord uses all eight in many ways, from running 
sound, product set up, to prayer warrior and support.
His Call started back in 1971 as the Heavenly Highway Singers.  Our
Baritone, Dennis Caudill, and his family started the group.  There have 
been several personnel and name changes through the years but the 
group is now Dennis Caudill, (Baritone), Jimmy Duty, (Lead), Gary Bower,
(Bass) and Renate Duty, (Tenor), and they have been singing together
since September 2005.  Bruce Bower runs our sound and is the newest
member of the group.
His Call has ministered in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama and 
Tennesee.  They have bee the recipient of many award over the years.
while awards are nice to recieve, His Call's desire is to present the
message of Christ to the unsaved and to be an encouragement to
the believers.  His call feels that God has called them to this 
ministry and trust him to provide whatever is needed to accomplish
what he has asked them to do, therefore, they come on a love offering

3415  Briarcrest Ln.  Sachse, Tx  75078                       214 926 8459         

Judy Jackson 


Hi, I'm Judy Jackson... I'm from Eastvale, a little town of about 300 people
in Western Pennsylvania, just Northwest of Pittsburgh.  Don't ask me why
my home town was named "Eastvale", I guess because it is on the east
side of a valley.  We had a 7 Eleven, a Post Office and a bridge.  I had a lot
of drama in my younger years.  I have been around fighting, drinking, drugs,
and much more.  I've been in and out of foster homes, but I have overcome
my hard experiences by the love and grace of God.  I have a song in my
heart and I'm compelled to minister to a lost and needy World.

My husband Don and I have been married for over thirty years.  He is retired
Navy and I am currently unemployed.  We have just recently moved to
Georgia to be close to one of our Son's.   I have sung in Churches large and
small from the time I was a young adult.  I would love to have the opportunity
to come Sing for you and your congregation.

Just Us

Paul Waterman, George & Thelma Harrison had been singing as a
Soloist and a Duet on the Laymens Inc. Radio Program for quite
some time. The Radio Program goes out Weekly in Oklahoma City
and world wide on the World Wide Web.   One night they tried
out as a trio and it clicked. Their ministry takes them to several
Nursing homes and Assisted Living Centers in the OKC area each 
month.  They also sing in Churches and for Special Events, where-
ever the Lord opens the Door.  They love to spread Gods Word
through their music and Testimony.  They have been singing as
a Trio for almost five years now, and still going strong.

Paul Waterman    405 613 7004

George & Thelma Harrison 405 632 8517

Randy Mullino


Hailing from Anniston, Al., Randy accepted the Lord and Savior 
at the youthful age of (12) years.
As an enthusiast of Gospel, Country, and 50's style music,
Randy Mullino has recorded several Gospel Music albums that 
are available on cassette and compact disc (CD's) and have 
been carried by Mardel's Christian Book Store.
Randy has been interviewed on Radio Stations across the nation
while promoting "God's Ministry" with Gospel Music. Randy was
nominated by "The Branson Gospel Music Association" for the 
"Male Vocalist and Songwriter of the Year" award in 2001.
Honored to appear in concert with such nationally know talent
as J.D Sumner and the Stamps Quartet, Naomi & The Segos, the
 Blackwood Quartet, the Florida Boys, The Statesmen Quartet,
Albert E. Brumley Jr., and several other well-known groups and 
God has opened doors for his special music talents in Tennessee,
Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma and Branson, Mo.
Because Randy sincerely promotes our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ,
churches of all denominations enthusiastically welcome "The Gospel
Cowboy" to minister through music to their congregation and friends.

14209  Heritage Circle   Edmond, Ok 73013           405 286 9779

New Revival Quartet was formed in 2002 by brother Will Kitchingham, and for 10 years sang as a male quartet. New Revival has shared the stage with several well known groups as Gold City, Mark Trammel Quartet, The Williamsons, The Lesters and others. We travel within a 5 state region , but we try to go anywhere God opens a door. Our ministry features a mix of original songs, hymns , and quartet favorites. We love doing special occasion services. Christmas, Veterans Day, etc. We became a mixed quartet in 2002 and the harmonies have gotten tighter, and our goal remains the same, to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, thru testimony , the word , and song.  Rev. 12:11  And they overcame by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death. 

Aaron Brooke son of Mark and Debbie Brooke sings lead for New Revival.  Growing up with his fathers quartet, Forgiven Qt, Aaron has developed into one of gospel music's best lead singers. God has used him to pen several songs for New Revival. The latest songs are Rise Up by Kneeling down, and Friends in High Places. Aaron and his family Katie, Annebelle, Kara, and newborn son Jude live in OKC, OK. Aaron is a fine young man of God who loves to share the gospel with anyone that will listen.

Heather Brooke daughter of Mark and Debbie Brooke sings tenor for New Revival. like her brother she has been involved in Quartet music her entire life. She finally moved from Forgiven Quartet's  product table to singing with New Revival in 2012. Her beautiful voice and gentle spirit touches everyone that hears her sing.  Her desire to do more for her Lord and Savior led her to joining New Revival , and we hope it keeps her here for a long time. Aaron and Heather attend Portland Ave Baptist in OKC OK.

Baritone singer Buddy Pitezel has been singing in quartets since junior high school. Buddy loves singing harmony, he loves to find just the right note to complete a smooth , full sound. Driven by the soon return  of our Savior Jesus Christ.
Buddy wants to tell everyone, he can, about God's love for them, and just how much God loves them.  God's promise of a heavenly home, that is waiting for him, is a real joy to Buddy. Be sure and ask Buddy and Glenda , his wife , about their cookie jars. Buddy and Glenda attend Eastland Assembly of God in Tulsa OK.

Bass singer Steve Rose grew up in a large family that was in church every time the door was open. He started singing in church at the age of 6. At the age of eleven his grandfather encouraged him to try singing bass. He's been trying ever since. Listening to men like Armond Morales, Tennesse Ernie Ford, and George Younce lite a fire in his soul that has not gone out. In 1975 He formed his first quartet and has not lost his love for sharing the Gospel in song at every opportunity. Memories of his penticostal grandmother's preaching and praying has set him on a path of following where ever the spirit leads. Steve and D-Ann attend Bethel Baptist Church in Bentoville AR.

P O BOX  1446     New Castle, Ok 73065                   479 903 3554          

Linda Parks

Linda lives in Stillwater, Ok with her husband Robert.  She has previously 
sung with "Glory Road Trio" and "For His Purpose Qt".  Linda is co-host of
"Gospel With A Purpose" a gospel music event held several times a year
to help supply a number of Local Non Profit Organizations. "Gospel With
A Purpose" is currently held at Crosspointe Church in Stillwater.  
(  Linda & Robert are both retired, enjoy
traveling and doting on their two furry (cat) Children.  They are members
of Crosspointe Church where they are actively involved in several church
activilties.  Linda loves to Sing praises to her savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

2405  West  22nd  Ave   Stillwater, Ok.  74074     405 714 2521

Tracey is a singer, songwriter and has been singing most of her life; she came from a musical family and has been a part of many venues (country and gospel) between Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and Missouri.  However, her favorite thing is to sing for The Lord, it is a calling on her life.  Now her and husband, Leroy, travel to churches all over sharing the gospel through music when she isn’t working for the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management where she is the Statewide Exercise Officer. 

Leroy sang as a young man but went on to real life raising kids and has earned the title of “Cookie Man” since 1996.  He didn’t sing for close to 40 years but as his mother aged he begin to sing especially for her until he married Tracey and now he never gets to stop. Ha!

Between them they have 6 grown children and 15 beautiful grandchildren that they are very proud of and always grateful for their support.

They love the calling God has on their lives and their only goal is to obey that call…


Sweetwater, is a family band made up of 7 members which includes
Grandmother, Daughter, 4 Granddaughters and the Husband of the
Oldest Granddaughter.  Sweet water began singing approximatley 7
years ago when the girls were very young.  One Sunday night the 
girls were in the nursery at church playing their instruments and 
singing, the wonderful presence of Gods spirit touched our lives that
evening.  They played and sung their very first song in the service 
that night and from that time forth God began to open doors for 
them to minister in song.  Their first Concert was in a Cowboy Church
our roots are Bluegrass so needless to say they enjoyed the girls
tremendously and have invited them back many time over the last
7 years.  We do Southern Gospel, Country Gospel, Bluegass/New 
Grass Gospel and Acoustic Contemporary.  We play sllof our music live
in each concert.  Instruments played include: Fiddle, Lead Guitar, 
Mandolin, Drums, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Upright Bass, ganjo
and 12 String Guitar.  
Members of the Group are Kristian 20, Kaney 16, Madison 13, and 
Lily Rose 10.  Justin Smith 22 is the newest member of Sweetwater
joining us in 2015 as lead Guitarist and in Dec 2011 becoming the 
husband of Kristian.  It is extremely rewarding and humbling that God
would allow us to take this gospel thru song across the land to 
encourage and uplift lives.  Sincerely in Christ Service SWEETWATER.

P O BOX  A  Crowder Ok.  74430                     918 470 9552

Face Book: Sweetwater"like"pg.FB

The Texans

The Texans Ministry was originally organized in 1971 at Dallas Christian
College as "The Masters '' Four",  a full time traveling Quartet.  In 1981, 
they moved to Branson, MO to perform in family entertainment shows. 
It was at this time that they became known as the Texans.
Using their God given talents, The Texans have been blessed with many 
awards throughout the years. In 1988 they were honored by Ozark Music
Association by being Voted "Entertainers of the Year".
In 1999, The Texans became a full -time traveling ministry performing
over 300 concerts a year.  They have shared the stage with many great
speakers including Cecil Todd,   Ben Merold,  TD Jakes,  Charles Stanley,
Allen Dunbar,  Jesse Duplantis,  Jerry Falwell,  Tim Lahaye, and Joe Wright,
just to name a few.
In 2009, under Gods direction a new mission came together, The Texans,
opened Top Of The Mountain Dinner Theater on the grounds of The Great
Passion Play, which presents the "greatest story ever told" - Eureka
Springs, Arkansas. 
In 2013 The Texans are once again traveling fulltime across the world
sharing the message of Christ to all.
The Texans performance is more than just a gospel concert.  It is an 
evening of inspiration, laughter and fun.

P O BOX  178  Gateway, AR  72733                      903 436 5410                       

Anita Walker


Hi, I'm Anita Walker and I am a Gospel Singer.  I sing to bring praise
to our Lord Jesus as His spirit lifts our hearts with joy.
I started singing at the age of 2, traveling and singing with my family.
I've sang on several TV shows and at such places as Branson, MO.
I love to bring music to life.  To help me do that, occasionally I use
sign language to help me further illustrate my praise and worship.
Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, especially to deaf and hard of 
hearing persons is a thrill of my life.

I am a member of a number of different singing organizations:
. OUGMA ( Oklahoma United Gospel Music Assoc. Inc.)
. Oklahoma City branch of CMSA (Country Music Singers Assoc.)
. NACMAI (North American Country Music Association International)
.The Best Is Yet To Come from Branson, MO.

I have been very fortunate to win many awards for singing in both
Local, State and National competitions.  Such as Entertainer of the Year
in Bluegrass competition at NACMAI in Pigeon Forge Tennessee.
I do some motivational speaking around the OKC area and Minister
in a number of Assisted Living Centers and Nursing homes once each
month.  I have recorded 7 Gospel CD's.

924 S. W.  50th   Oklahoma City, OK 73109        Home   405 616 3621
                                                                       Cell      405 227 2279

The Williamsons Quartet 

The Williamsons Quartet originally known as the Homesteaders Quartet
was formed in February of 1998.  The original group had their deput
performance with the well-known Palmetto State Quartet.  When the 
Homesteaders started travelling full-time confusion on the national scene
dictated that they needed to Change the name of the Group.  Thus they
now travel in this country and some foreign dates as The Williamsons.
The Quartet performs many Classic Southern Gospel tunes as well as
exciting new material in the Southern Gospel style.  Lisa Williamson has
written a number of new songs which have been added to their program.
They had two charted songs in 2015 one of which "Shout" was number 1
on the Singing News top 80 charts for December 2015.  They have shared
the stage with a number of well know national artists such as The
Galloways, The Melody Boys, The Kingsmen, The Florida Boys,
The Dixie Echoes, and The Lesters, to name a few.  They were also 
honored to receive a citation from the Oklahoma Legislature in May of 
2000 naming them as Oklahoma's Ambassadors of Gospel Music.  If you
like the kind of music you hear on the popular "Gaither Homecoming"
video series, then you will love the Music of The Williamsons.

302 South Main  Wetumka, Ok  74883              cell 405 380 2761