OUGMA Events and Activities...

April 8, 2017   6:00pm 
Crosspointe Church
1807  North  Jardot
Stillwater, Ok   73127
Talent:  The Armouraires Qt.   
              The Singing Bones

April 8, 2017    6:00pm
6th Annual Redbird Memorial Sing
Del City First Church of the Nazarene
4701  S  E.  26th Street
Del  City, Ok
Talent:  The Johnsons, Rejoice, Cornerstone,
The Carpitchers, Masters Touch, & others.
Concession available after 4:00pm       

April 22.2017  Dinner 5:00pm,  Concert  6:30pm
Exchange Ave Baptist Church
1312  South Pennsylvania
Oklahoma City, Ok  73018
Talent:  Harmony Qt.  Revelation Singers &
              Anita Walker                       

The Williamsons from Harvest Church on Vimeo