Thursday, November 20, 2014

OUGMA Events and Activities...


January 2016 OUGMA Concerts 

The Lester's St Louis, Mo. "First Family Of Gospel Music" have been celebrating this past year 2015, 90 years of continuous family Gospel Music Ministry. The singing group was started singing on street corners in St Louis, Mo in 1925 by Harvey and Opal Lester. As the family grew so did the ministry by the 1930 Harvey and Opal had opened a Music Store on 39th Street in St Louis and Opal was teaching Music. Although the Music Store closed in 2004 the City of St Louis requested that the original neon sign remain in place as a legacy of the many successful years on 39th Street. The sign is still there today. In the 1950's the Lesters had their own TV program on Channel 5 ( the NBC affiliate in St Louis ) the Show ran every Sunday Morning for 27 years. During the turbulent time of the Second World War a song was written for the Lesters by Rev R.C. Garner. It was called "I'll See you Again" He was inspired to write the song at the corner of 18th and Market Street where Union Station is Located. The Song is such a part of St Louis history that Union Station still has the original in their archives. "I'll see you Again" and another song "He Didn't Throw The Clay Away" that the Lester's made famous in 1989 are still very much a part of their ministry. They have traveled all over the World carrying The Gospel of Jesus Christ to Millions of people. 

The Lester's will be singing in Concert 1 night only on January 11,2016 at Town and Country Christian Church, 2200 South Cornwell, Yukon, Ok. Concert 7:00pm 

January 23, 2016 GattiTown "Johna McNabb Mills", "1 More Road" Dinner 5:30pm Concert 6:30p and "Masters Touch" 

 January 30, 2016 Mustang Nazarene Church, Mustang, Ok Concert 6:30pm "Anita Walker", "New Revival Qt" and "Four The Cross Qt"